What is integrated therapy?

Integrated therapy is taking the whole person into account, using medically backed knowledge of the full movement of an individual and diagnosing the correct form of complete total body wellbeing and care. Learn exactly what you and your body need with one of our highly skilled team members. Medically aligned with other health professionals we too refer you to one of our business affiliates to create the best care for you.


Book a total body wellbeing consultation and find out exactly what you need. Our in depth assessment will enable us to diagnose how you can be in control of your health and body wherever you are in the world.

Bespoke Personal Wellness Package

You are unique and you are the only one of you, your total physical and mental health is part of the same to us, we take the time to get to know you confidentially over the telephone or in person to deeply understand what your needs are. To create a fully designed package that suits you and your lifestyle whether you are a busy CEO, yacht crew or owner, mother or office worker our consultations are in-depth to establish the best programme to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle with professionals. Our integrated exercise and wellbeing programme includes:

Full body analysis from our expert trainer, periodised programming with goal specific targets, support virtually and therapies to compliment you.


One on one coaching

An in-depth training session designed for you and your progression needs and success. Be with the best and most successful people and train for your mind, body and soul with a PT and correction exercise specialist.


Massage Therapy

Our massages are holistic in approach to ensuring that areas of the body that need the most care and attention are taken care of they match beautifully with our training programmes to ensure you get long standing results In the gym, at home and in your everyday. to day life. Allow us to completely relax you for the choice of time you choose and enjoy physical relaxation and therapy.


Sports Rehabilitation

Corrective exercise once any trauma to the body takes places needs time to heal and education to ensure long standing results to recovery making you stronger than ever. These sessions teamed with our alliances of health professionals will ensure you are completely cared for.



All about the education, let us climb onboard or meet you at the office. Our workshops are dedicated to giving you insightful help and information on how best to manage in your work environment

Mindset Coaching

Motivation sometimes doesn’t just come from someone telling us to move, our in-depth consultations enable us to work out what drives you to get you into the right movement for you, your body and where you are at in your life.