The Wonderland Experience

Part Two

25th -27th OCTOBER 2019


Finca Can Sec

A Time Of Transformation


3 days & 2 nights

After such a huge success with The Wonderland Experience part one we are back for part two.

Our programme and team are here for you and firstly we want you to have fun and allow us to guide and encourage you through a truly amazing experience that can change your life, if you’ll let it…

This is more than a retreat, it’s all the things we crave and love in one place.

 Each day is unique to bring a diverse experience and understanding, hints tips and tricks in all things wellness. Your next destination is here!

Reconnect with healthy intention to play, train, rest and nourish the mind and body.

Learn simple skills that can make a huge difference to your day to day living. Join us and embody personal growth and your own transformational journey.

The Space

Situated in the heart of the beautiful Island of Mallorca, at the foothills of the Tramuntana. Agrotourismo Can Sec is a rustic Finca set in the Mallorcan countryside at the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains. Just outside the enchanting village of Alarò we bring you close enough to the comforts of amenities and yet set you far enough away for those who want true immersion into nature.


Meet Your Team


Abigail - Retreat Manager/ Physical therapist

Entrepreneur and the brains behind Active Atlas, Abigail, (also known as Abi), has over sixteen years in the wellness field working in multiple international locations. She has worked hard to create an authentic experience with a team that has been hand selected to bring you the very best in wellness.

Abigail is passionate about bringing awareness to the importance of individuality using your body and mind to achieve your own personal greatness.


Dominic Thackeray - Correctional Rehabilitation Specialist

Here is our Dom, the fountain of knowledge on all anatomy, physiology and kinesiology who specialises in Active Atlas’s integrated therapy.

Dom works as an International VIP trainer specialising in performance coaching in sport with special focus in strength and conditioning.

Dominic’s long title and extensive knowledge mixed together means you are in the safest hands as he’s got the skills and experience to ensure you reach your own maximum potential on our retreat and whenever you may train with him.


Gemma Luisa -

Yoga Therapist

Gemma is an ex-yachty dedicated to a practice that integrates a dynamic sequence and a playlist to set the tone. She blends Tantric Hatha & Vinyasa Flow.

Certified as a 500hr Yoga Therapist & Thai Vedic Inspired Bodyworker. Her approach is holistic, treating the more subtle energetic body as well as the structural body.

Drawn to the positive environment at Active Atlas, Gemma couldn’t be more keen to begin.

Motto: Balance

Style: Mindful in movement


Each day has a proactive schedule

6:30am Sunrise Session: Welcome the day immersed in nature! Enjoy a revitalising practice to set intention and step forward in mind and body

Herbal teas, fresh breakfast, simply prepared, wholesome, tasty food

10am Training session: After your very own personal in-depth analysis each session will give you the tools you need for progression throughout the retreat

Lunch: A celebration of food. Mindful connection

2pm-3pm Downtime, rest & relaxation

3pm Afternoon activity: Creativity and Expression. Unlock your inner child and play

4pm Training session: Dynamic sessions to balance full body fitness in mobility, strength, yoga, calisthenics

Dinner: Sensory experience, each evening themed to bring awareness and gratitude

8pm Optional Additional Therapy: Therapeutic massage available each day

9:30pm Nighttime: Reflection & Winding down.

10pm Lights out


Wellness in the bell tent

You can enhance your stay by booking our incredible massage and bodywork options throughout the week.

Whatever you choose, the experience will help you to reconnect with nature, your emotions, health and happiness and will push you physically further than you thought possible.

€40 Craneo sacral float & head Massage (30 mins) €80 Thai Vedic Bodywork (60 mins) / €120 (90mins)

€90 Sports massage therapy/deep tissue massage/fascia release/ mobilisation (60 mins)


Full retreat

2 nights, 3 days

€720 price based on two sharing room. All rooms have private bathrooms and air conditioning

€1,335 price based on single occupancy. All rooms have private bathrooms and air conditioning

At ACTIVE ATLAS we play hard and rest hard. No day will be the same nor training session repeated. Our focus is on intense activities in the morning and low impact and recovery in the afternoon. To pick and mix your schedule email us at

Be mindful, believe, know no limits and take your own journey!