5 days & 4 nights

A time of transformation



Situated in the heart of the beautiful island Mallorca, Active Atlas has found a beautifully placed rustic Finca that embodies the true meaning of connection and total wellbeing.

This is more than a retreat, it’s all the things we all crave and love in one place, specifically for our specialist clients superyacht crew.

Your next destination needs to be here, to reconnect, play, train and eat

A (dedicated) and professionally backed retreat combined with holistic wellbeing and therapies.

Drop your anchor and step aboard our beautifully designed retreat specifically for super yacht crew.

Our retreat is designed to connect you with yourself, learn about your body, how it moves all whilst getting fitter and healthier over the week. Learn skills to apply to your day to day living, understand you are individual and work to release this also.



Each day has a varied schedule one example below:

Sunrise: A divine premises platform the overlooks only nature for you to connect in silence, start the day with intention and re-energize yourself to combat the day.

Herbal teas, fresh breakfast, nourishing tasty food

Training session: After your very own personal in-depth analysis each session will enable you to feel empowered and in control making progression throughout the retreat.

Lunch: A celebration and mindfulness application to connect through food (your chef taking you through this each day)

Afternoon activity: We all need a little childlike play, letting loose and choosing expressive techniques

Training session: Whether mobility, strength, yoga, calisthenics, full body mobilisation we have you covered and balanced

Dinner: A family affair, each evening themed to bring awareness and always education

Therapy: Therapeutic massage available each day

Nighttime: Personal development, reflection, and chills are in order each evening.



€900 excluding IVA price based on two sharing room. All rooms have private bathrooms

€1,600 excluding IVA price based on single occupancy. Private bathroom, air conditioning